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 Our Promise

PowerSerg prides ourselves in our company and our people. We believe that business should be done right, every time. We have standards that can be simplified to: support, values, security, and ethics.


Here's our 8 points by which we run our business.


1. Be Honest, Even if it Makes Us Look Bad.

Lying isn't good business. It isn't a good way to work with potential, current, and past customers. PowerSerg believes that being honest is the best way to get and retain employees and customers. We'll tell a customer when we make an error, even if it makes us look bad. We expect the same of our employees, contractors, suppliers, and business partners.

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2. Do No Harm

Business shouldn't result in harm to anyone. Our on-premises, non-term license products are not designed to stop working if a customer leaves us or if a contract is terminated. Customers should never have to plead to gain access to their systems after a contract terminations and businesses shouldn't prolong migration times to make more money. Managed IT customers shouldn't have to replace their customers when they leave their Managed Provider either.

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3. Be Fair, Even if You aren't Being Treated Fairly

PowerSerg believes that business should include fair disclosures of policy. We also believe that business should never be based upon someone's characteristics that they cannot change.

Fairness counts >>


4. Be Ethical

Nobody likes an unfair advantage. Improperly using software licenses or abusing evaluation systems can impact how we are viewed. We require that employees report all conflict of interests and ensure that no single or group of employees benefit unfairly from PowerSerg assets.

Ethics count >>


5. Follow Through on the Things we Say

It's simple, if a company says that they are going to do something, they should make every effort to do it. From following up on service calls to correcting incorrect information, PowerSerg is committed to following though on the things we say.

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6. Treat Employees Well

No one wants to work for a company where they aren't valued. From a comprehensive benefits suite to pay transparency, PowerSerg is committed to treating the way we'd like to be treated.

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7. Protect PowerSerg from Risk

Every business has risk. Understanding and mitigating risk is an important part of protecting your employees, assets, and other resources from undue harm. From protecting our people from physical harm to protecting our intellectual property to protecting our business from fraud and abuse, risk management is an key business component. At PowerSerg,  risk management is administered by our Loss Prevention group.

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8. Treat the Communities We Serve Well

PowerSerg works in a lot of communities. From the individual towns and cities we work in to the entire county we are based from, PowerSerg works hard to serve these communities well. From sourcing policies which mandate a preference to products made in the United States to our philanthropy program which provide resources to our local communities, PowerSerg works hard to serve our communities.

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