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 Risk Management

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We can't eliminate risk, but we can do a lot to stop most if it.


You should never fell uneasy about going into work or entering a contract. PowerSerg works hard to proxactively recognize and mitigate risk. We break down risk into three major categories.


1. Risk to People

Things like unsafe offices, vehicles, and risky travel. Physical harm can result if we don't work to stop this type of risk.


2. Risk to Information Security

This includes physical and logical security.


Things like unlocked doors, people holding doors open for people, and monitors facing windows are considered physical security.


Things like encryption, multi factor authentication, and security best practices are considered logical security.


3. Risk to our Business

Things like protecting ourselves from intellectual property ('IP') misuse and theft to protecting us from fraud are all considered mitigating business risk.


We take proactive action to intellectual property misuse and theft. We use software that can evaluate if our IP is being used somewhere it isn't supposed to be.


PowerSerg takes great efforts to eliminate fraud. This past fiscal year, PowerSerg has spent the most we ever have on automated fraud detection and mitigation services. Every aspect of a vendor is vetted before we even consider engaging with them. Vendors' vehicles are verified with DMV records before they are allowed to enter PowerSerg properties and facilities and vendors' employees are verified to be who they say they are before they are granted access to any PowerSerg system or facility.








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