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 Who we serve

PowerSerg serves a wide array of industries and customer types. Our main customers are:


Small and Mid-Sized businesses

PowerSerg is able to offer these customers a unique set of services tailored to their company size, structure, and other factors. We've been in the SMB business for a while now and are ready to tackle any challenge a customer might throw at us.


Local Government

PowerSerg holds unique experience with local government customers. We're familiar with the ins and outs of working with government, from bid to impact report.



We have experience with public and private K-12 institutions. We're compliant with all of the latest regulations (FERPA, COPPA, and more) and are ready to help you meet your goals of educating our future.


Media Studios and Television/Radio Companies

Our staff come from TV and Radio and are ready to solve any IT challenge your company might have. From head-ends to VTRs, PowerSerg has got you covered.



Restaurants have strained budgets and strained staff, so IT is often a overlooked business component. From POS replacements to emergency sever replacements, PowerSerg has the resources to get you back to cooking in no time.

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